A magic carpet ride into Indian mysticism

Contemporary Indian Classical

SPOTLIGHT: Barasingha ft. Shivacult - Time and Again

"Okapari Kokapari Oiyyaaramai Mokhamuna Kalalella Molachinatlunde"

Time and again (“okapari- kokapari”), when the Lord is gracefully walking (“oiyyaaramai”), it seems that in his face (“mokhamuna”), many beautiful rays (“kalalella”) have sprouted (“molachi”) and existed thus (“natlunde”)

This collaboration with Barasingha marks another attempt by the two musicians at marrying Carnatic (South Indian Classical) music with the precision of modern bass music, packaged in a refreshing aesthetic.

SPOTLIGHT: Shivacult Live @ The Dome, O.Z.O.R.A Festival, 2018

Live at the famous Dome stage at O.Z.O.R.A Festival in Hungary, a collaboration with Attraktiv Kollektiva, psychedelic tribal dancers.


This composition, set to Raga Bageshri describes the post apocalyptic peace restored by Vishnuyasha (Kalki), an avatar of the Hindu Deity Vishnu. Thanks to the immensely Vaishnava vibes I experienced after my chance trip to Tirupathi. Also acknowledged are the collective energies of Sadhana, Arnav, Dakta Dub, Manoj, Satish, Sudarshan, Murari, Asmita, Monkey Foundation.


Vashikaran is the Sanskrit term composed of two words 'Vashi' and 'Karan'. “Vashi” means to Attract, Allure, and Influence or entice the Desired Person. The term “Karan” indicates the method or technique of performing this.

Akshepini is based on the Raga Hindolam/Malkauns. Track on Indian occult/love spells.

Brahma's Consort

Brahma's consort is based on the Carnatic Raga Hemavathi. Although closely related to Raga Saraswati, this raga has a very similar emotion to the latter. This track is a meditative improvisation set to an ambient drone.

Bengaluru to Yelahanka

Carnatic/Psychedelic DnB/Breaks

Bengaluru to Yelahanka is a marriage between Drum, Bass, carnatic vocals and mystic psychedelia. Carnatic lyrics by 17th century lyricist Sri. Shyama Sastry. Vocals by Self


Carnatic/Half DnB

Krittika is a dedication to Lord Subrahmanya, a popular South Indian Deity. "Krittika" is the star cluster also called pleides.


Carnatic/Psychedelic Breaks

Skanda is a dedication to Lord Subrahmanya, a popular South Indian Deity. Vocals by self.


Carnatic Psychedelic

Mandala is a composition celebrating the power of Geometric patterns. Voices from Speeches by Terrence McKenna and vocals by self.



Thoughts on Death, Life and Love.

"You see we have made life into a hideous thing, living. Life has become a battle, which is an obvious fact, constant fight, fight, fight. And we have divorced that living from death. We separate death as something horrible, something to be frightened about, and to us this living which is misery, we accept. If we didn't accept this existence as misery, then life and death are the same movement. Like love, death and living are one. One must totally die to find what love is." - J Krishnamurthi (1895 - 1986)

"Chalamelara Saketha Rama" - St Tyagaraja (1767 - 1847)


Carnatic/Minimal Drum&Bass/Dub

Savitr is a Rigvedic solar deity.

Track inspired by a brief experiment with Sun gazing.

Sun gazing, is a practice in which a person looks directly at the sun, typically during the first few minutes of daylight. The origins of sun gazing can be traced back to many ancient civilizations including the Indians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Native Americans. These cultures acknowledged that the sun was a powerful source of life and energy, and hypothesised that staring at it directly for the first few minutes of daylight could have profound healing and transformative effects.

Photo by Rajiv Bajaj on Unsplash



Ambient Dubstep/Art chillout

Shitsuke is a tribute to the artist Tetsuya Ishida, famous for his dark themed paintings based on the lives of the people of japan. The Japanese word "Shitsuke" could be roughly translated to as 'a strict adherence to rules', which, if over-done, could influence a person's thinking on a long term. In my opinion, Ishida's paintings reflect the impact of this attribute of Japanese living on its society.

This track attempts to breathe sonic life into this phenomenon in East-Asian civilizations, the evolution of people's culture from their Magnificent past.

Introduction sample - speech by the emperor of Japan.

Ishida's Art

Lingampally sound - sojourns in suburban India

Horcrux In Lingampally

First of a two track EP: Shivacult - Horcrux in Lingampally. Album art featuring Pochamma in Tellapur, Lingampally.

The "Horcrux in Lingampally" EP has been inspired by Lingampally, a not-very-special suburban in Hyderabad (India), its culture and the people. The surrounding villages, Tellapur, Gopannapalle, Nagulapally and Shankarpally have made a high impact on the inspiration and the construction of these musical works, with their picturesque atmosphere and unique people that live here. The EP has been made with special reverence to Tara, the goddess after whom the main commercial market, Taranagar is named.

"Horcrux in Lingampally" is an experimentative piece with a different time signature, a 5 Beat cycle. The corresponding tala, called "Chapu tala" in the carnatic Indian classical rhythm dictionary, has been brought alive in this dark, composition that contains samples recorded from the streets and temples of Lingampally.

Bhadrakali Ketamine Reality

Lingampalli Sound

Second of a two track EP: Shivacult - Horcrux in Lingampally. Album art featuring Pochamma in Tellapur, Lingampally.

Sound sketches of a Wednesday bazar

"Sound sketches of a wednesday bazar" is a summery celebration of the hustle and bustle of a farmer's bazar in the Lingampalli area of Hyderabad city in India.


Cross Cultural

Al Andaluz

Dubby Hoppy instrumental Arabesque 9th century Spain music. Samples pirated from multiple sources. Feel free to layover vocals, sample, etc.

Dark Spirit (with the wonderful voices of Kongar Ool Ondar)

Shaman ritual. Downtempo. Dark. Tuvan spirits.

Ahana and the Chaos

Order out of Chaos. Shivacult pilot project :)


Meditative winter ambient music

You can experience the Foliage project as an interactive audio-visual project here or listen to the music here.


HOOdub - Umm Suqeim (Shivacult remix)

HOOdub is Asmita Parashar, a producer from India. This is a remake of her track UMM SUQEIM.

Immortal Rai - Sequence (Shivacult remix)

Immortal Rai is Raveena Rai, a pianist from Birmingham, UK. This is a dramatic, stylized remake of her wonderful composition "Sequence".

Collaborations with Barasingha

Barasingha ft. Shivacult - Time and Again

Barasingha ft Shivacult - In Memoriam

Barasingha x Shivacult - [ri]

Barasingha is Satyajeet Prabhu, a producer from India.

Collaborations with Dubnotic

Dubnotic X Shivacult - Energy field

MettāKin X Dubnotic X Shivacult - Astrodimension

Dubnotic is Marijan Zafirovski, a producer from Macedonia.

Collaborations with Nuphlo

Nuphlo - Mountains Feat Sukh Knight

Nuphlo is Maninder Singh, a producer from Leeds, UK.