Nāda Yoga and Drone music

Nāda yoga, the ancient Indian metaphysical system is based on the premise that the entire cosmos can be perceived as a sound vibration called Nāda.

Sound in Nāda yoga is classified as 'Anāhata', the internal unstruck sound and 'Āhata', the external vibrating sound.

Performing live ambient drone music involves the use of various meditative techniques (Kriya yoga) to sanctify the inner space and impart this vibration through a process of artistic alchemy - a process of experiencing the Anāhata through the Āhata.

Click the icons below to hear meditative ambient music in three different flavours.

  • Shruti Drone
  • Underwater
  • Foliage

Shivacult | Foliage

Shivacult is a live meditative ambient music project with deep, lush, summery organic textures and Indian classical vocals. This music is an ideal supplement for spiritual practices such as Yoga or Qi gong. Foliage is a winter oriented project that explores various dimensions in the context of winter.

Shivacult Visuals

The visual project of Shivacult is a pan-cultural symmetric hypnotic organic visual journey adapting to the mood and the energy vibrations of the performance location.

Indian Classical Org

Indian Classical Org is a research portal studying the capabilities of Indian classical Music and Indian classical Yoga traditions in a modern context.

The Shivacult Method

The Shivacult method is a holistic learning methodology for Indian Classical music that incorporates various spiritual, acoustic and electronic dimensions to make more meditative and compelling art.

  • Music theory

    Music theory is the foundation to any musical practice. Melody and rhythm are the heart and soul of a musical composition.

  • Electronic tools

    Music is eventually expressed in an electronic form and thus, may be further enhanced using contemporary electronic tools.

  • Spiritual toolkit

    Spiritual pratices enhance the depth and focus of a musical practice. Spirituality has been traditionally interwoven into Indian classical music since time immemorial.

  • Listening Skills

    Listening is a major and often-ignored aspect of a music learning process.

  • Interactive research

    Continuous learning and research is essential for knowledge to grow. The Shivacult method aims at constructing various interactive in-house tools for this purpose.

  • Adaptability

    Another major skill of a musician is to be able to adapt into various musical styles/contexts/genres in order to weave context specific compositions with an approporiate feel.

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